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After eating hot dogs and hamburgers and watching the fireworks, why not watch the screen run RED, white and blue with some of these horrifying horror movies? 

Jaws, 1975

It’s the Fourth of July, and a gigantic great white shark is devouring townspeople in Amity. Can Brody, the police chief, Hooper, a marine scientist, and Quint, a fisherman, stop the hungry shark?

Uncle Sam, 1996

It’s the Fourth of July, and a Desert Storm vet, who was killed in combat, rises from his grave to kill the unpatriotic citizens of his hometown. (And this all begins when some teenagers burn an American flag over his grave!)

Aquanoids, 2003

It’s the Fourth of July, and tourists are washing up dead in Babylon Bay. In 1987, it has been said that aquanoids, or mysterious sea creatures, were responsible for 17 deaths. The Mayor, though, has dispelled the sightings as urban legend, but Vanessa Dumont, environmental activist, believes these creatures to be real. Can she save the island from the latest attacks?

The Bay, 2012

It’s the Fourth of July, and chaos breaks out in a small Maryland town after an ecological disaster occurs!