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The Ouija Experiment, directed by Israel Luna, focuses upon one Ouija Board, three restless spirits, and five stupid adults.

Ah, let’s begin with the adults, shall we? First, we meet Brandon (Carson Underwood), a film student from the New York Film Academy. Next, we are introduced to Shay (Belmarie Huynh) and Calvin (Eric Window), the world’s most annoying couple. Lastly, we see LyNette (Swisyzinna), Calvin’s sister, and Michael (Justin Armstrong), who is the genius who wanted to mess with the Ouija Board in the first place.

Before they can even touch the board, though, Michael, who is apparently a Ouija expert, announces the three rules for playing with a Ouija Board:

  1. You should “never ask a spirit how it died.”
  2. You should “never ask a spirit how you’ll die.”
  3. And the most important rule: “You should never leave the board without saying goodbye.”

Simple question: can you guess which rule this group broke?

Because they are freed from their prison, the three spirits begin to haunt the group; however, one spirit, the evilest one, starts to murder members of the group. Can the adults survive, or will the sinister spirit take their lives?

Even though this film was interesting, I do have some criticisms with it. For instance, I believe this horror movie dwelled way too much upon Shay and Calvin’s unhealthy relationship. The audience, unfortunately, is constantly subjected to entire scenes of just Shay and Calvin bickering.

Plus, the audience is forced to witness Shay’s psychotic breakdown when she begins to ask a Ouija Board who Calvin was talking to the other night. Yep, Shay is a complete nutcase.

I also became upset with LyNette because of how she handled ghosts in her home. Even though she knew an evil entity was stalking her, she a) turned off all the lights and b) didn’t lock her bedroom door. And for some unknown reason, LyNette kept opening her bedroom door even though she knew a creepy little ghost was waiting outside for her!

And the last criticism: the ending was completely terrible.

Yet The Ouija Experience does have one redeeming quality: LyNette and Calvin are one-liner geniuses. I would recommend watching this film solely for the comedic dialogue. Personally, I bet they worked pretty hard on, “Look, I don’t know karate, but I know crazy.”

Overall, The Ouija Experience is a horror movie one should watch only if they are interested in one-liners and constant bickering.

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