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Featuring Minnie Driver and Meatloaf, Stage Fright, directed by Jerome Sable, combines comedy, gore, and addictive songs to create one hell of a horror-musical.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, this movie “is based on true events. While the names have been changed to respect the victims and their families, the musical numbers will be performed exactly as they occurred.”

They were damn good musical numbers, too, but we’ll discuss the songs later.

Stage Fright begins with murder: Kylie Swanson (Minnie Driver) is slaughtered after The Haunting of the Opera’s “killer” opening night. Now, ten years later, The Haunting of the Opera will be performed at Center Stage, a camp for musical-nerds, and Kylie Swanson’s daughter, Camilla Swanson (Allie MacDonald), will be the lead actress.

Yet it seems the killer has come back for opening night with a thirst for carnage. Will Camilla survive the night?

I would very much like to discuss the killer, though. The one slaughtering campers happens to be the Phantom from The Haunting of the Opera. Like I mentioned before, he craves murder. Oh, and puns. For instance, after he stabbed someone’s face full of nails, the Phantom, exiting stage-right, says, “Nailed it.” (Get it?)

Another punny moment occurs when the Phantom murders a chorus girl in the bathroom. After sneaking up on her, the Phantom grabs the startled girl, shouts, “Let me help you warm up,” and burns her with scalding shower water.

And for one who supposedly “despises” musicals, the Phantom does tend to sing quite a bit. He is absolutely phenomenal when he harshly sings, “Shut your fucking face. Your musicals are full of shit.”

Oh, and his guitar solo is beautiful! (That is one of my favorite scenes.)

Stage Fright isn’t just packed with puns; it is filled with sexual jokes, as well. My favorite joke from the film is:

Director: “What Japanese tradition involves covering your face all in white?”

Camper: “Bukkake.”

And yes, I am addicted to the songs, including: “We’re Gay,” “Shut Your Fucking Face,” and “Alfonzo.” (If you listen to them, I think you’ll become addicted, too.)

Overall, Stage Fright is a brilliant horror-musical, and I would recommend that EVERYONE watch it!

To watch the trailer, click here