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The Devil, impeccably dressed in a nicely-pressed suit, and his demon minions eagerly await your arrival in Kingdom Come, directed by Greg A. Sager.

Numerous individuals awaken in an abandoned hospital, and begin trying to find a way out of the maze-like building. Seeing as no one trusts one another, the large group slowly begins dissolving into smaller and smaller groups. And one by one, individuals are cornered and tormented by their past sins. Will everyone escape, or will the Devil and his creatures tear them apart first?

Sam Becker and Jessica Martin, the leaders, become the film’s main characters, along with Ceilia, a God-like child. But our brave and heroic main characters are not without sin – Sam drove while drunk, killing an innocent man, while Jessica had an abortion. Ceilia, though, who possesses godly powers, forgives them both, and allows them to start fresh.

The other sinful characters are not so lucky – they, instead, meet their sins head-on, along with the Devil and his creatures. One character is torn apart by the women he raped, while another character, a drug addict, is killed in a bloody bathroom stall after being handed a bloody syringe.

On this note, Kingdom Come had incredibly dark backstories for each character. One character, a racist, killed his own daughter and blamed it on another man, while another character, a pedophile, ruined young girl’s lives. (Each backstory became increasingly darker and darker throughout the film.)

Daniel the Devil was a brilliant antagonist – besides, he’s incredibly fashionable. Oh, and his demonic roar was great, too. His eyes possess a sinister gleam while watching his “little pigs” attempt to escape while he rips their souls from their chests painfully.

His creatures, on the other hand, weren’t great – their costuming was just…off, I think. I mean, they could have been creative and terrifying…but their clothing tatters, wigs, and bizarre hop-walk made them unrealistic-looking.

Overall, Kingdom Come showcases evil overcoming goodness – it’s a dark horror film filled with twists and turns, deceiving demons, hopping creatures, and copious amounts of death.

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