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Faithful readers and fellow horror maniacs,

It has been some time since I’ve last penned an entry, has it not? Life, it seems, filled with daily stresses and constant demands, has left me feeling rather withered, and I have been unable to breathe life into new horror reviews.

Do not fear, though, faithful readers, for I intend to create numerous reviews to quench your thirst for horror this year. Together, you and I will traverse petrifying places, witness ghastly ghouls, and scream at atrocious acting.

And together, we will attempt to discover the perfect horror movie – one that chills us to the bone, one that makes us afraid to turn out the lights for fear something might be lurking in the shadows.

I hope, fellow horror maniacs, to bestow upon you knowledge about upcoming and past horror movies – the BEST ones to watch and the ones which you should bury, never to unearth again.

With much love,

The Horror Movie Maniac