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A revengeful clown, terrified teenagers, and copious amounts of gore await you in Stitches, a delightful horror-comedy directed by Conor McMahon.

It all begins once Stitches (Ross Noble), an unfunny clown, stumbles into Tommy’s birthday party. After belittling him and enduring his terrible jokes, the children decide to prank Stitches by tying his shoelaces together. Little did the children know, though, their prank would cause Stitches to stagger, fall, and die.

Now, six years later, Stitches has risen from his earthy tomb to crash Tommy’s birthday party – will Stitches make the teenagers laugh…or die?

Stitches, the ultimate antagonist, was both hilarious and evil with an amazing set of qualities:

  • Ability to throw knives and umbrellas with precision
  • Ability to detach his clown nose and “sniff” out his victims
  • Ability to decapitate individuals with one swift kick
  • Ability to ride a tricycle fast with over-sized shoes on

The murderous clown also showcased his clown-like ways while killing his victims:

  • Creates crude balloon animals from torn intestines
  • Inflates heads like balloons until they burst
  • Scoops out brains like ice cream

And lastly, Stitches was a pun master, which I loved, and here are three of my favorite puns:

  • “This party’s really kicking now.” (A head pun mentioned after someone’s head is kicked off.)
  • “He had to head off.” (Another head pun.)
  • “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight.” (This song played while Stitches held a dead teenager in his arms.)

If you are looking for a fantastic horror-comedy to watch tonight, then for fuck’s sake, watch this! It will leave you in stitches!

To watch the trailer, click here.


The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue, a mediocre film directed by Mike Bradecich and John LaFlamboy, revolves around two bumbling (and idiotic) brothers who must fight a carnivorous mole-like creature lurking in the basement of their run-down apartment complex.

Let me introduce our unlikely heroes: Marion (Mike Bradecich) and Jarmon (John LaFlamboy) Mugg, two lousy apartment landlords who worship alcohol and allow their building to deteriorate…until they stumble upon the mole-man.

That, my friends, is when shit gets real.

The two brothers put down their whiskey bottle, board up the vents, attend a training course, and purchase deadly shovels in order to protect their tenants from becoming the creature’s next meal. Will they defeat the mole-man, or die humorously trying?

To be honest, I only watched The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue because Robert Englund was in it – he, a marvelous actor, played a devilishly suave “horny bastard.” His character, proficient in dirty-talk and stashing pornographic magazines, was hilarious, and I was disappointed that he didn’t have more screen-time!

But then the humor vanished whenever the Mugg brothers appeared on-screen; continuous slapstick, pot references, and swearing can’t be considered hysterical. (Perhaps try for some actual jokes?!)

I truly disliked this film because it dragged on and on and on and on…I smiled with delight once it ended, and whooped with glee because I had made it out alive after watching this unfunny film.

Their one redeeming quality: a catchy and upbeat song – you can listen to it here.

If you want to waste 90 minutes of your life, then watch The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue – it’s an unfunny movie filled with bumbling morons, pot, porn, and disappearing pets and tenants.

To watch the trailer, click here.