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Directed by Nick Stentzel, “Playing with the Devil” is an insanely eerie short film revolving around Hitori Kakurenbo, a Japanese ritual.

This ritual, when translated, means “hide and seek alone,” and when performing it, an evil presence usually enters one’s home. During this short film, three little girls, while performing this ritual, summon a malevolent entity into their creepy doll – and it slowly makes their night a living hell.

When watching this film, keep your saltwater close; you never know when you might need it.


David F. Sandberg and Lotta Losten, the brilliant creators of “Lights Out,” have created another terrifying short film titled, “Pictured.” (I guarantee this short horror film will make you quake with fear.)

“Tuck Me In,” directed by Ignacio F. Rada, is a terrifying short film based on Juan J. Ruiz’s chilling two-sentence horror story. In this film, watch as a man tucks in his child, but then realizes that something isn’t quite right when he peers under the bed to look for monsters.

Are you ready to see how evil, and terrifying, mannequins can really become? If so, watch “M is for Mannequin,” a fantastic ABC’s of Death 2 short film entry, which was directed, written, edited, and produced by Chris Dasinger.

“M is for Misprint,” directed, edited, and written by Steven Hugh Nelson, is an exceptional ABC’s of Death 2 short film entry. In this short film, which has phenomenal music, watch as the main character, who recently discovered from his horoscope that the letter “m” would lead to his demise, discard muffins and milk, punch Mormons, and battle a mime.

“Supervenus,” directed by Frédéric Doazan, is a horrific short film that shows how Western beauty standards (breast implants, plastic surgery, etc.) can change someone into an almost unidentifiable creature.

“The Bad Cookie,” directed by Drew Daywalt, is an interesting horror short that tells the tale of Denise (Denise Daywalt), a “pretty little lady” who “[loves] pug dogs, online Sudoku, and Halloween;” Christopher (Erin Gali), an awful boyfriend; and a murderous Halloween cookie.

And after watching this short, you’ll never look at a cookie in the same way.

Directed by Peter Lemper, “Cut” definitely makes one wonder: do monsters get their haircut?

In this brilliant little film, we witness one barber’s trying night as he attempts to help one horror monster obtain the perfect bob cut. And we begin to understand that a horror monster can look pretty once their hair is properly washed and trimmed.

After watching “Cut,” I, myself, wanted to try a new hairstyle, and I’m not even a monster! (Or am I?)

“Salad Fingers,” created by David Firth, was released on July 1st, 2004. The first short film, “Spoons,” introduces Salad Fingers, a strange man with an obsession for rust and spoons.

After “Spoons,” there are nine other films, and in these other videos, we are introduced to various characters, including Hubert Cumberdale, Bordois, Penny Pigtails, and Horace Horsecollar.

I would highly recommend watching “Salad Fingers,” and remember: “You taste like sunshine dust.”