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On Saturday, September 26th, 2015, why not run away from blood-thirsty zombies at the Wisconsin Zombie Mud Run 2015, presented by Wisconsin Feargrounds?!

You have three options:

Option #1: Be a Runner

  • Runners “run among the living and see if [they] can survive.”

Option #2: Be a Zombie

  • Zombies “see how many of the living [they] can take down.”

Option #3: Be a Volunteer

  • Volunteers make sure things run smoothly at the event.

Registration Fees:

$50.00: Runner

$35.00: Zombie

*A portion of all registration fees will be donated to Don’t be a Monster, an anti-bullying campaign.

C’mon, register and join the fun; you’re not scared, right?!


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my blog.

Within days, this blog, I hope, will be overflowing with horror reviews and my own twisted short stories/poetry that possess my soul and nightmares every single waking moment. (For your entertainment, too, I also hope to add creepy little movies from the dark side of YouTube.)

Horror has infected me, haunted me; it fills me with inky darkness.

To escape this blackness, I write. I compose honest reviews and fascinating stories. I am always waiting for my latest inspiration to slither under my skin.

Tonight, I review.

Tonight, you read.

Tonight, we experience true horror.