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Clowns, with their over-sized shoes, bulbous noses, and layers upon layers of make-up, frighten me…and after watching the trailer for Fear Itself, an upcoming horror movie directed by Aaron Mirtes, I truly believe Ribcage the Clown and his blood-red balloons might scare me shitless.

Fear Itself revolves around Emma, a college student, who must come face-to-face with her worst nightmare when a psychotic clown begins terrorizing her small town.

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From now until January 16th, 2015, A & P Films LLP will be “running a…campaign to raise funds for” a new horror film: Asylum Nights, directed by Dean C. Jones, director and Emmy-award winning makeup artist. “Funds raised will help [Asylum Nights] maintain complete creative control.”

Asylum Nights begins when an Evergreen Asylum night guard begins violently treating patients – when a night nurse is slain, Andy Roberts, head physician, must team up with Leon, a gentle giant, to stop the night guard. But what is Leon hiding?

Jones said, “Asylum Nights can best be described as a mix between One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Seven, and Tod Browning’s Freaks. This film will push on every emotion, and is a rare gem.”

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