La casa del fin de los tiempos, or The House at the End of Time, (2013) Film Review

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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A murdered husband, a missing son, dozens of secrets, and time travelers await you in La casa del fin los tiempos, or The House at the End of Time, a Venezuelan horror movie directed by Alejandro Hidalgo.

In 1981, Dulce (Ruddy Rodriguez) is found drenched in her husband’s blood, and Leopoldo (Rosmel Bustamante), her son, is missing. Confused and heartbroken, Dulce is convicted, spending thirty years in a decrepit jail cell until she is placed under house-arrest in her old home. She is plagued by memories and regrets until a local priest (Guillermo Garcia) visits. With his help, Dulce will attempt to unravel the mystery of what happened thirty years ago.

Old Dulce was my favorite character – she was sweet, motherly, and honest. Sure, Young Dulce was motherly, but she didn’t possess the wisdom or practicality that Old Dulce possessed. (And, in my opinion, Young Dulce was annoying.) I understand why Leopoldo would want to spend more time with Old Dulce; her love, after seeing her son after thirty years, was overflowing, and their embraces were the sweetest mother-son hugs ever.

Old Dulce was able to interact with the past (Young Leopoldo, Young Dulce, Juan Jose) and the future (Old Leopoldo) because of her house’s magical ability to transport people through time. Yet I would have enjoyed if the director had focused upon explaining, in further detail, why the house has the ability to time-travel. One of the characters briefly mentioned something about Masons and an entire family disappearing – but then, nothing more.

La casa del fin los tiempos is an emotional film – especially, I think, for mothers. Dulce, for years, grieves for Rodrigo (Hector Cubero), her youngest son, and dwells upon Leopoldo’s disappearance. These scenarios are a mother’s worst nightmare; Dulce’s memories tug on the heartstrings, and leave not a dry eye while watching this film.

Pearls, beautiful drops of the moon, are a continuous theme in La casa del fin los tiempos. When a pearl is presented, I believe the characters realize that no matter what, love will never falter. (For instance, Dulce presents Leopoldo with a pearl; throughout the film, her love only grows stronger, and she never stops searching for him.)

Overall, La casa del fin los tiempos, or The House at the End of Time, was a heart-wrenching horror film; I enjoyed it.

To watch the trailer, click here


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