An unusual and deadly alphabet (filled with killer grandfathers, mutated badgers, and courtroom zombies) await you in ABCs of Death 2.

I never want to come face-to-face with a badger after watching “B is for Badger,” directed by Julian Gilbey. Peter, a mean-spirited wildlife documentarist, failed to complete his research, seeing as the snarling, hungry badgers were waiting for him while he shot his film. After being ripped apart, Peter was able to end his documentary with one simple word: “Cut.”

Robert Morgan (creator of “The Cat with Hands”), a brilliant animator, submitted, “D is for Deloused.” It is a strange, yet delightful stop-motion tale featuring a giant insect, several decapitated heads, and one creepy-ass teddy-bear creature.

In “M is for Masticate,” directed by Robert Boocheck, one man, clad only in pee-stained underwear, becomes a flesh-eating zombie after using bath salts. This film is a slow-motion adventure…until he begins gorily gnawing a man’s neck. (And I loved the man’s bad-ass contacts; I want them!)

The worst short, in my opinion, was “P is for P-P-P-P-Scary,” directed by Todd Rohal. Three speech-impaired criminals, one dancing man, numerous matches, and one messed-up infant does not represent horror at all.

Other shorts I didn’t care for include: “E is for Equilibrium,” “F is for Falling,” “L is for Legacy,” “O is for Ochlocracy,” “Q is for Questionnaire,” and “V is for Vacation.”

The last few letters, though, redeemed ABCs of Death 2. For instance, “X is for Xylophone,” directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, was incredibly unsettling. This tale focuses upon a grandmother who kills her young granddaughter for loudly playing a small xylophone. The grandmother, covered in blood and gore, uses her granddaughter’s (leg?) bone and small ribcage to play music. It terrified me.

And “Z is for Zygote,” directed by Chris Nash, was horrifyingly disturbing! A woman doesn’t want her infant to be born until her husband returns – so she keeps it inside of her for THIRTEEN years! The cramped child eventually kills the mother by pushing out all of her organs and things…and it was VERY gross! Ugh!

Overall, ABCs of Death 2 was, uh, annoying, bizarre, confusing, and disturbing.

To watch the trailer, click here.


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