Neverlake (2013) Film Review

Posted: January 15, 2015 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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Neverlake, directed by Riccardo Paoletti, is a tear-jerking horror film filled to the brim with strange medical experiments, psycho parents, and one incredibly mysterious lake.

Jenny (Daisy Keeping) returns to Italy to visit Dr. Brook (David Brandon), her suspicious-looking father. Instead of visiting with his daughter, though, Dr. Brook becomes almost unfindable, throwing himself further and further into his research on the “Lake of Idols.”

With loneliness in her heart, she sets out towards the lake where she stumbles upon a group of sickly children living in the nearby hospital. These children soon lead her on a mission that will expose her father to be a cruel, terrible monster – will Jenny survive, or will her father literally tear her apart?

I will be honest: I loved Neverlake. Dr. Brook’s home and the “Lake of Idols” were absolutely beautiful, and the emotional acting drew me into every single scene.

Yet even with these great qualities, I still managed to find a few flaws:

  • What, exactly, is the strange creature living in the lake, and why is it important?
  • Why can Peter only summon the Etruscan spirits?
  • How do the Etruscan spirits tie into the story? (They make ONE appearance; that’s it.)
  • After numerous surgeries, how can Jenny, who is profusely bleeding, run from the main house to the lake AND manage to dive deep into the water’s depth to retrieve numerous tiny figurines?

But even with these flaws, Neverlake’s ending had me sobbing. (I was a complete mess!) It was such a happy ending for Jenny and her mother – it wasn’t such a great ending, though, for Dr. Brook and his lover, Olga.

Overall, Neverlake was a wonderful horror film that’ll have you gasping, crying, and cheering for Jenny through all her trials and tribulations!

To watch the trailer, click here.


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