Posted: November 25, 2014 in Twisted Tunes
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Videogram, a full-length album from Sellergren, featuring drums from Jimmy C, is “dedicated to the directors, producers, actors, composers and video labels of 1980’s horror and exploitation.” The addicting album contains songs inspired by cannibals, maniacs, and more.

Like a ravenous leech, Sellergren’s music will attach itself to your brain, and you will be hooked.

One of my favorite songs, “Walpurgisnacht,” began once the clock tolled and thunder crashed. And when Jimmy C.’s drums started, I was transported into a song that chilled and excited me. In all honesty, “Walpurgisnacht” would sound incredible if pumped into a haunted house; the ominously upbeat tune would definitely entice ghosts to dance.

Maniac, a 1980’s slasher-film directed by William Lustig, inspired, “I Warned You Not To Go Out Tonight,” another one of my favorites. This deliciously dark song belongs in a horror movie; every time I listen to it, shivers race up my spine, and I feel like someone is lurking in the darkness behind me. (Because “I Warned You Not To Go Out Tonight” has an addictive beat, I would highly recommend it for runners…you know, if you are ever running away from a crazed maniac.)

Ah, cannibals! Persistent drumbeats dominate “Eaten Alive,” a cannibal freak-out track. The hectic drums and the unnerving synthesizer create an amazing combination, and the feeling of discord and uneasiness will continue to haunt you well after the song is over.

“Charles Bronson” is a badass song, and Bronson himself, an American film and television actor, inspired it. This song personifies who Bronson was: a tough guy. If I ever had to enter a fight, “Charles Bronson” would be my theme song. And once the clapping begins, wow! I loved it!

Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to “The Tooth Fairy Theme.” Did you know it was inspired by Manhunter, a 1986 movie about a serial killer nicknamed the “Tooth Fairy” because he bit his victim’s cheeks? Anyway, the song was extremely pleasant to listen to, and it isn’t a song that you will want to brush aside. (Haha, tooth pun.)

Overall, Sellergren has created hauntingly beautiful songs, and I recommend listening to Videogram if you love horror movies and want to be transported to the 80’s.

To listen to Videogram, click here.


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