Cassadaga (2011) Film Review

Posted: October 12, 2014 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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If you are interested in blood-covered maggots, startling séances, and gruesome human marionettes, then you should watch Cassadaga, directed by Anthony DiBlasi.

After Michele (Sarach Sculco), Lily’s little sister, dies, Lily (Kelen Coleman) moves to Florida, where she begins to attend Cassadaga University in order to pursue her painting career. Life seems to be going great until Lily and Mike (Kevin Alejandro), Lily’s boyfriend, attend a séance, where a restless spirit attaches itself to Lily. Now, the spirit will not leave until Lily figures out the mystery behind Geppetto, a serial killer.

I had wanted to watch Cassadaga because the cover art looked creepy. I mean, who wouldn’t feel terrified when looking at a Samara-like marionette?

But, in my opinion, that is really the only terrifying thing about this movie: the cover art. The rest can be labeled as tame.

I mean, you cannot have a horror movie without scares, and frankly, Cassadaga doesn’t deliver any truly terrifying moments. Sure, there is one entity that pops up suddenly, screeching, and at times, you can see her decrepit-looking hands. But after a while, this entity just becomes annoying.

This movie did, though, make me feel rather sick. During one scene, when Lily takes a swig of milk, she notices something isn’t right, and spits it out. There, in the pool of milk, are wriggling maggots. Thanks to Cassadaga, I will definitely be inspecting my next glass of milk!

While watching this film, I began to notice that when Lily, who is deaf, would be on-screen, no music would be played, and at times, there would be no sound. However, when the killer would be on-screen, the noise would be absolutely horrendous, especially when he would sharpen his knives. I had to actually turn down the volume because the sound hurt my ears.

And now, I would love to discuss a severe problem in this movie, and it happens to be regarding the relationship between Lily and Mike. First of all, who, after just meeting someone, reaches for their entire family album, and pours out their entire life story?

Second, why would Mike, who attended the séance and saw/heard strange things, not believe his girlfriend’s story until she begins vomiting blood and maggots? And instead of arguing with her, why didn’t he try to transport her to the nearest hospital?

Instead, he decides to cure her himself with sex and rest. Douche.

And even though Mike understands that a ghost is attacking Lily, he stills believes it is a good idea for himself, Lily, and his daughter to all hang out together. Are you stupid, Mike?

Another scene that frustrated me would be when Lily, who is escaping from the serial killer, manages to get into an unlocked vehicle that still has the keys in it. Shouldn’t the killer have stashed the keys away or, I don’t know, locked the doors?

And Lily managed to piss me off because instead of driving to safety, she ends up crashing the car. Yep, she decided it would be more beneficial to turn around and flip off the killer than keep her eyes on the road.

Thankfully, though, she finds the courage to kill the killer! In some horror movies, women characters freeze until another character finds and saves them. But not Lily – she stabs the killer in the eye with an Eiffel Tower, and stabs him a few times in the gut with a pair of scissors.

Overall, Cassadaga was decent, and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a good mystery/thriller.

To watch the trailer, click here


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