Mars Haunted House Review

Posted: October 11, 2014 in Horrifying Haunted Houses
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October has arrived, which means pumpkin lattes, horror movies, and, best of all, it is the time to attend some of Wisconsin’s scariest haunted houses. To kick off the Halloween season, my friend and I decided to visit the Mars Haunted House, seeing as it has been named “Milwaukee’s #1 Truly Haunted House.”

Yes, the Mars Haunted Houses is actually haunted, and it has quite the grisly past. On October 3rd, 1943, Mr. Milton, a resident in the old building, arrived home, angry because he had lost his job and intoxicated. After an explosive argument with his wife, Mr. Milton threatened his terrified family with a loaded shotgun. He killed them all, including himself.

Mars Haunted House

Let’s begin when my brave friend and I were waiting in line. Because October nights become quite chilly, I would highly advise bringing a warm sweatshirt, seeing as you’ll be waiting in line for QUITE some time.

However, in order to make the wait more bearable, there were two ghouls lurking around, who would bang on trash cans and sneak up on people to scare them. Both ghouls, I will admit, had great costumes, and their eerie contacts were phenomenal!

Eventually, my friend and I found ourselves climbing the steep steps toward the ticket booth. (Tickets were $13.00.) Once you pay, and once you have a willing group, you all proceed through a decrepit-looking door into pitch darkness.

After I walked through that door, I had hoped to encounter my worst nightmares; I wanted to feel scared, to feel absolutely terrified! Instead, I found myself walking through a mild haunted house where the talented actors and actresses focused solely upon scaring the screaming woman behind us.

This haunted house, in my opinion, can be ranked as “meh.” However, there were certain parts that I truly did enjoy.

For instance, I loved wandering around the blood-splattered sheets as strobe-lights pulsed around me. I loved the uneven floors, which kept me on my toes, and the pitch darkness did startle me, seeing as I became lost in the maze for a few seconds.

Because the Mars Haunted House was mild and tame, I would recommend it as a good haunted house to begin with this Halloween.


734 W. Historic Mitchell Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204-3528


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