Demonic Toys (1992) Film Review

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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Demonic Toys, directed by Peter Manoogian, is an absolutely hilarious horror movie.

It all begins when policewoman Judith (Tracy Scoggins) watches her partner/lover be shot dead. Instead of calling for backup or an ambulance, though, she, herself, chases the two criminals into an extremely dark and abandoned toy factory.

One of the criminals is bleeding profusely, and he dies upon a pentagram, which had been colorfully drawn with a yellow crayon. His blood awakens a demonic child, whose mission in life is to be reborn. That way, he can raise Hell.

Doesn’t sound hilarious to you yet? Well, wait until you meet Baby Oopsy-Daisy.

Baby Oopsy-Daisy is my favorite character, and he provides sensational lines. For instance, he asks the security guard if he can shit his pants, seeing as Baby Oopsy-Daisy is capable of walking, talking, AND shitting his pants.

This is Baby Oopsy-Daisy.

He also delivers fabulous one-liners, which I absolutely love in horror movies. When Baby Oopsy-Daisy goes to stab someone in the eye, he says, “Don’t look now.” Ah, I love it!

Other toys include: a terrifying Jack-in-the-Box, an evil bear, and a laser-shooting robot.

In my opinion, the demon isn’t terrifying; he is portrayed as a sweet-looking child. I can understand why he would be scary to Judith, though, seeing as he wants to eat her unborn child’s soul and kill her in the birthing process.

I can totally tell the demon hasn’t fully matured yet, seeing as his mind solely focuses upon “doing the nasty” with Judith. He even creepily smiles when he says it.

Dude, grow up.

But this does lead to an important question: why would the demon have to “do the nasty” with Judith? I mean, she is already pregnant…couldn’t the demon just eat the unborn child’s soul and continue on with his night? Or does he actually have to impregnate her to eat a soul?

Ah, the questions keep “cumming.”

Oh yes, the demon did place incredibly creepy “security guards” around the perimeter of the abandoned warehouse. These guards consisted of small young girls wearing gas masks whilst riding around on tricycles. It reminded me of Saw and Doctor Who, and it did creep me out a little.

Are you my mummy? Want to play a game?

Overall, Demonic Toys was amazing, and I would highly recommend it.

To watch the trailer, click here


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