The Sacrament (2013) Film Review

Posted: September 21, 2014 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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Directed by Ti West, The Sacrament, an incredibly disturbing horror film, focused upon cults and manipulation.

The story begins when Patrick (Kentucker Audley), a photographer, receives a letter from Caroline (Amy Seimetz), his sister, inviting him to visit her at Eden Parish. Patrick is reluctant to visit; however, his two friends, Sam (AJ Bowen) and Jake (Joe Swanberg), convince him to go because they wish to obtain footage and conduct interviews for their personal use.

Once they reach Eden Parish, everything begins to spiral downhill. The men are nearly shot because they are filming, and once they meet Father (Gene Jones), they realize that Eden Parish is not a “paradise.” Instead, it is a living hell. Will they be able to escape, or will their lives be taken from them?

Father, in my opinion, is the creepiest character. In order to control his “children,” he isolates them in the middle of nowhere, and if members attempt to escape, they are severely punished. Savanna, a little girl, tried to escape, but they caught her – and they beat her until she refused to talk again.

Father creeps me out.

Whatever Father says, happens…even death, even murder. If he commands his “children” to die for him, they will lie down in the pavilion and poison themselves to please him.

The mass suicide in The Sacrament is extremely painful to watch. It brought me to tears to see the fear and the pain flash through every member’s eyes. I just couldn’t believe how many people could listen to Father and end their lives…or their children’s lives.

It was horrible to watch a sister murder her own brother, and it was terrifying to watch a mother murder her own daughter. During these two particular scenes, I burst into tears; I just couldn’t understand how mankind could harm their own flesh and blood.

Overall, The Sacrament was an emotional and disturbing film.

To watch the trailer, click here


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