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Directed by Eric England, Contracted, a zombie horror film, attempts to, in a graphic manner, promote safe sex among college students.

This film begins when BJ, a strange man, engages in sexual intercourse with a corpse which has a biohazard tag attached to it. In the next scene, we are introduced to Samantha (Najarra Townsend), a lesbian, who, after attending a friend’s party, is drugged and raped in the backseat of BJ’s vehicle.

Because BJ didn’t use a condom, and because he had sex with a bio-hazardous corpse, Samantha contracts a deadly disease. For the remainder of the film, Samantha, over the course of three horrible days, must watch her body rot from the inside out.

These three days, while she is deteriorating, are what I described before as “graphic.” Samantha loses insane amounts of blood, teeth, and hair. Her heartbeat begins to slow, and her eyes become incredibly bloodshot and grotesque-looking. And the last graphic bit would be when maggots begin to fall from Samantha’s vagina.

Even though Samantha doesn’t seem to observe the maggots, another character, Riley (Matt Mercer) happens to see them up close and personal. This happens when Riley, who likes Samantha, proceeds to have sexual intercourse with her. (Again, there is no condom used.) However, I believe Riley wishes he had used a condom when he looked down and noticed that his penis was covered in maggots, blood, and rotting flesh. (Besides, seeing as this disease is highly contagious, Riley is going to start to rot, too.)

Contracted does have the “gross” factor; however, this film lacks sensible and likeable characters. Samantha is helpless, delusional, and stubborn, and Riley is only portrayed as a horny man. Nikki (Katie Stegeman), Samantha’s lover, is an absolute jerk, and, on several occasions, I wanted to scream at her. And Alice (Alice Macdonald), another lesbian, would rather kiss a rotting Samantha than help her to a hospital. Sometimes, it was painful to watch these characters because they were either helpless or dumb.

Yes, this movie does focus upon sexual intercourse and disease. While I doubt anyone who didn’t use protection would contract the zombie virus, one can contract other diseases. And this is why protection is most beneficial.

Overall, Contracted was a decent horror film with a good message: wrap it before you tap it.

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