Omnivores (2013) Film Review

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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Directed by Oscar Rojo, Omnivores, or Omnívoros, is a sickening tale which explores clandestine restaurants, murderers, and human flesh.

Omnivores begins when Marcos (Mario de la Rosa), famous food critic, receives an assignment to research various clandestine restaurants. While investigating, Marcos stumbles upon one particular restaurant that is rumored to feed human flesh to its participants. Now, it’s up to Marcos to stop Dimas (Fernando Albizu), cannibal, from murdering innocent people and sampling their tender flesh.

The beginning of this film is absolutely horrid, and the acting is atrocious! We are introduced to Dimas, a young child, and his mother, who is dying. His mother asks Dimas numerous times to run into town to fetch a doctor, but because Dimas is hungry and tired, he refuses to go. After his mother dies, Dimas slowly approaches her, grabs her shoulders, and stoically says, “Mama. Mama. Mama.” (Really, Dimas? That’s all the emotion you could muster up? Ugh!)

Because Dimas is hungry, and his mother is dead, he resorts to eating her remains. (Yep, he merely sits in her tiny shed and eats her rotting meat for a while.) And when a townsperson finds Dimas, who is covered in blood and flesh, the townsperson shrugs and buries the body. (Umm…are you serious? A child ate his mother! This situation is very concerning! Why isn’t he taken to a psychologist or something?)


He ate his mother, and now, I think he should seek some help.

And seeing as Dimas was never taken to a psychologist, he became a cannibal when he grew up, and he hired an insane butcher to stalk, murder, and filet innocent victims.

Now, most of these slaughter scenes were just an excuse to showcase nakedness. True, there were some splashes of blood; however, the camera mostly focused upon the women’s breasts and the man’s penis. (I mean, couldn’t these scenes have been inspired by Saw or something?)

However, this movie is brimming with food knowledge, and the audience will discover much about fugu, which is the Japanese word for puffer fish and the dish prepared from it. If not properly prepared, fugu can be extremely poisonous, and there is no known antidote. (Remember this information because if you watch Omnivores, this information will come into play!)

Overall, Omnivores was a pretty great film; it teaches you that one should “always [be] open to new flavors.”

To watch the trailer, click here


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