The Devil’s Curse (2008) Film Review

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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The Devil's Curse

Directed by Toni Harman, The Devil’s Curse, or Credo, is a paranormal horror movie which touches upon insanity and darkness.

And it all begins when, after being thrown out of their apartment, five students make their home in the abandoned men’s dormitory at Eden Catholic Halls. Soon after settling in, the teenagers learn that four suicides happened upon this holy ground after five religious students attempted to summon a demon. Now, the demon still haunts the shadowy halls, and one by one, he wants “to destroy God’s creation.”

In order to destroy God’s creation, this demon wants to murder the five characters residing in the dirty, dingy dormitory. (And murdering these students appears to be unchallenging because they never fight back or attempt to call for help.)

Don’t worry because I have the list of characters, and here they are: Alice (MyAnna Buring), a depressive maniac; Timmy (Nathalie Pownall), a religious lesbian; Jock (Clayton Watson), the ignorant jerk; Jazz (Rhea Bailey), a claustrophobic whiner; and Scott (Mark Joseph), a technological pervert.

But these students perish in such cliché ways. After shedding a few tears, Scott hurls himself out the window, and Timmy, after praying and clutching her rosary beads, hangs herself. Now, I don’t want to sound insensitive, but because it is a horror movie, couldn’t the demon, which is, you know, a minion of Hell, destroy God’s creation in a more brutal way?

And to be brutally honest, The Devil’s Curse isn’t terrifying at all. I will never pee my pants from fright because of some weak scratching noises or generic growling noises every now and then. If they were trying to give the impression that a demon was walking around the empty halls, why couldn’t we heard more sinister snarls or the chilling clip-clop of hooved feet?

The Devil’s Curse, while not super scary, does leave one with a tinge of uneasiness because it discusses suicide heavily. Alice, the main character, exhibits suicidal symptoms, especially when she showcases signs of guilt because she believed she was the sole reason why her father committed suicide. We also discover that she is schizophrenic; she doesn’t understand what is real and what is fictional.

Overall, I would recommend this film if you wish to learn about the terrifying workings of the human mind.

To watch the trailer, click here


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