The Toybox, directed by Paolo Sedazzarai, begins when Berenice (Claudine Spiteri) brings her boyfriend, Conrad (Craig Henderson), home for Christmas. And it is here that we meet four more important characters: Madeline (Suzanne Bertish), the alcoholic and horny mother, Rod (Christopher Terry), the “comedic” father, Eleanora (Heather Chasen), the bitter grandmother, or Brian (Elliott Jordan), the insane brother.

With all other characters aside, let’s discuss Brian. All throughout the film, Brian can be seen hanging out in the garage, looking after his rapid rats and fantasizing about his sister. Oh, and becoming the scapegoat for Grandpa Alan’s (Russell Barnes) porn stash, which scarred Brian for life.

Brian also believes himself to be the reincarnation of Jake the Midfolker, who paints a smile upon his face and murders people with a hook. (I bet you can’t guess what Brian did near the end of the movie once he went insane!)

And Berenice is supposed to be the only person who can stop Brian, or Jake the Midfolker, from killing their family, seeing as she is the reincarnation of a mystical witch. However, she doesn’t try to fight back at all; she merely screams, which attracts attention, yes, but doesn’t solve anything.

Seeing as Berenice is the reincarnation of this witch, shouldn’t she have special powers? I mean, yes, she carries around this strange-looking amulet, but she never does anything with it. Frankly, the amulet only acts as a nightlight, emitting some weak rays of light when Berenice utters an annoying chant.

Since this movie is called The Toybox, shouldn’t it contain more scenes with an actual toybox? One scene, which includes a toybox, begins when, after he throws Berenice into the toybox, he proceeds to drop his ravenous rats all over her. However, this scene does contain a glaring issue because once Berenice is pulled out of the toybox and saved, she has no injuries. (If fifteen hungry rats are dropped onto you and then you are locked in a cramped box with them, I’m pretty sure you would receive injuries.)

Also, why did we need the background information on Grandpa Alan and his porn addiction? It didn’t add to the story, and it was weird to learn how Berenice had walked in on him wanking. (I don’t think we needed that information in a horror movie.)

Overall, The Toybox was not the “darkly-humored, psychologically disturbing slasher” that Hulu promised. Instead, this movie revolves solely around unexplained concepts, folklore, and wanking.

To view the trailer, click here


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