Dark Touch, directed by Marina de Van, begins when Neve (Missy Keating), an abused child, cries bitter tears and horrifically slaughters her mother and father. Lucas (Padraic Delaney) and Nat (Marcella Plunkett), two loving parents, graciously take Neve in. However, due to Neve’s mental powers and past history, she does not change, and eventually ends up killing Lucas, Nat, and numerous children.

Neve was consistently abused by Henry (Richard Dormer) and Maud (Catherine Walker), her parents. Dark Touch did, I believe, complete prior research on how an abused child, like Neve, should act. Neve never became attached to Lucas and Nat, her caregivers, and she never wanted to be touched or held.

Nat, the motherly figure, tries hard to love Neve. She buys her “little kitten” beautiful clothes and attempts to hug Neve. Yet love does not prevail, and one night, after Neve leaves the house and wanders around town by herself, Nat becomes frustrated and makes the ultimate mistake: she slaps Neve. After that encounter, Neve now considers Nat an abuser, and hurts her.

And this leads us into one of the most disturbing scenes from Dark Touch, where Neve, and two other children, slowly torture Nat and Lucas. With crushed limbs and no way to escape, Nat and Lucas are forced to eat dinner while Neve sets the house on fire. The audience is subjected to listen to horrible screams from Nat and Lucas as they are murdered by a young girl they only wanted to love as one of their own.

The other unsettling scene happens when Neve attends a friend’s birthday party. Whilst there, Neve watches the girls “play” with their dollies. (The word “play” here means abuse.) Plastic dolls have their eyes gouged out, their heads ripped open, their clothes destroyed, and they are smacked and slapped cruelly. To me, this scene is horrifically alarming, and it left me with a terrible feeling in my gut.

Overall, Dark Touch is a troubling film which explores the dark themes of abuse and neglect, and how it affects children.

To watch the trailer, click here

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