Apartment 1303 3D, directed by Michael Taverna, begins when Janet (Julianne Michelle), after she moves into her new apartment, meets Jennifer (Kathleen Mackey), dead girl, who proceeds to throw Janet off the balcony. After Janet’s death, her sister, Lara (Mischa Barton), visits the apartment, and attempts to solve the mystery.

The character development is absolutely terrible! Janet is cowardly and weak, and Lara, who attempts to be strong, can be viewed only as insane and annoying. Oh, and Maddie (Rebecca De Mornay), their alcoholic and abusive mother, is a complete basket case! This mother is only capable of completing two various tasks: drinking or yelling.

It is slightly ironic that Taverna chose to portray the mother as the most hated character, seeing as Apartment 1303 3D’s theme revolves around the bond between mother and daughter. Lara, the poor girl, despises her mother; she even wished, during one scene, that her idiotic mother would die.

We begin to see the mother-daughter relationship come into play again when we learn about the apartment’s first tenants: Jennifer Logan and her mother. Jennifer killed her mother and lived with her corpse for six months until she finally jumped to her death. Seeing as they never wanted any other individual to live in their room (1303), they throw every person who attempts to live there off the balcony.

Nothing too scary ever happens, which is a shame. Jennifer, pale white and ghostly, only thumps her head on the balcony door, and a few shadows arrive here and there. (I will say, though, that when Janet becomes scared, her bottom lip looks as if it will quiver off her face!)

Oh, there are two more unimportant characters: the superintendent (Gordon Masten) and Emily (Madison McAleer). One is a complete pervert, while the other only shouts, “Get out and never come back.” Can you guess which is which?

And the ending is absolutely terrible because nothing is solved, and the ghost is not stopped. Instead, Lara is blamed for all deaths, while Jennifer, the pathetic ghost, continues to chill on the balcony, hair swaying in the end.

Overall, Apartment 1303 3D stinks like the rotting flesh on Jennifer’s dead mother.

To watch the trailer, click here.


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