Truth or Die, directed by Robert Heath, shows the frustrating tale of five teenagers who, just for the booze, arrive at a small cabin for a birthday party only to discover that the birthday boy has killed himself, and his psychotic brother wants revenge.

In order to seek that revenge, Justin (David Oakes), the insane brother, ties everyone up, and makes them play an unsettling and disturbing version of, you guessed it, Truth and Dare.

If you choose “Dare,” Justin decides to play dirty; he asks his victim to choose either the left container or the right container. One, he said, holds tap water, and the other, battery acid. Gemma (Florence Hall) received the tap water, while Chris (Jack Gordon), an underdeveloped character, received the battery acid. His death was the most dramatic; it was bloody, twitchy, and unsettling.

However, Truth and Die is extremely infuriating because Eleanor (Jennie Jacques), a complete bitch and the reason Felix (Tom Kane) killed himself, survives, while the others characters, who were somewhat innocent, were all murdered.

Does anyone else see the issue with this situation? Eleanor drives away into the sunset, free, while Gemma lies in the backseat with a broken neck and Luke (Alexander Vlahos), drug dealer, lies impaled on a pitchfork with a missing pinkie finger. (Eleanor bit it off.)

Oh, Paul (Liam Boyle), Eleanor’s boyfriend, is allowed to survive, too. Even though he received a terrible gunshot to his leg and had a few fingers blown off, he seemed to be doing just fine throughout the film. (He even had the strength to lift up Gemma’s lifeless body and place it into the escape vehicle with him.) I mean, should he really be this strong after losing so much blood?

Also, if Justin kept referencing his Father, why didn’t his Father show up? Shouldn’t he have been lurking around the old house, seeing as he knew that his son was playing a twisted game and torturing some teenagers?

Truth and Die actually had me shouting at the television because, when you think about it, absolutely NOTHING is solved. Eleanor, the antagonist, escapes, and everyone else dies. What kind of bogus movie is that? Couldn’t you at least have given the other characters a chance?

If you want a frustrating film, watch Truth or Die.

To watch the trailer, click here.


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