The Quiet Ones, directed by John Progue, details an experiment gone horribly wrong after Professor Joseph Coupland (Jared Harris) and his three students discover Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke), their patient, is possessed. (Shocker, I know!)

Like countless horror movies, The Quiet Ones is based on actual events. In 1972, Dr. Alan Robert George Owen, his wife, and six other guests set out to prove that ghosts are merely a figment of one’s imagination. And these eight individuals, through collective thoughts, were successful in creating an entity named Philip Aylesford, a 17th century British nobleman, who could flicker lights and communicate through a series of taps.

Unlike the Philip Experiment, though, when an entity was merely generated, Professor Coupland and his three unlucky students discovered that demons really do exist.

Yet I wish I could have actually seen a demon captured on camera! Every single time something terrifying would manifest itself, Brian (Sam Clafin), the cameraman, *just happened* to drop his camera. Geez, buy a freaking harness or something for it! (And, to be honest, I truly dislike shaky camera footage, which made me dislike every single scene that Brian films.)

Besides Professor Coupland, paranormal psycho, Brian, camera klutz, and Jane Harper, possessed patient, there are two more characters: Harry (Rory Fleck-Byrne) and Krissi (Erin Richards). The audience doesn’t learn much about Harry; however, we do discover how extremely *involved* Krissi is with both Harry and Professor Coupland. (She is also prone to emotional outbursts and tends to be extremely bitchy.)

As a side note, Krissi does have the best fashion throughout the film. Her miniskirts and dresses are simply beautiful. Jane Harper, on the other hand, only receives a white frock to wear; where are her bell bottoms?

The Quiet Ones definitely did not need the love connection between Brian and Jane Harper; most of the time, Jane Harper was just trying to unzip Brian’s fly because when she looked into the mirror, she wanted to see a woman. (Besides, seeing as she murders everyone and leaves Brian to become insane, how does the love connection make things better exactly?)

As for scares, this movie relies solely upon jump scares. Oh, and crappy fire CGI effects near the end. (The Quiet Ones won’t make you pee from fright or cower in fear!)

Overall, The Quiet Ones had a great plot idea; however, due to crappy camera footage and relying solely upon jump scares, I cannot say I liked this film. (P.s. None of the characters said, “Groovy!” Such a shame!)]

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, sexual content, thematic material, language, and smoking throughout.

To watch the trailer, click here.



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