Haunting of the Innocent (2014) Film Review

Posted: May 2, 2014 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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Haunting of the Innocent, directed by Matt Hish, is an incredibly boring horror film, which seems to drag and drag and drag. The story begins when, after she is raped, Brenda (Jessica Morris), Tom (Rib Hillis), her husband, and Rodger (Dane Hillis), their son, move to Thornsby, an extremely quiet town. Yet this town is home to Beyla (Hannah Cowley), a beautiful, yet terrifying witch, who begins to make Tom and Brenda’s life a living hell.

I, frankly, dislike all of the main characters. I did not care for Brenda because she pushes every single character away, making her seem uncaring and emotionally-unstable. Plus, when she succumbs to Beyla’s brainwashing, Brenda becomes such a bitch. And Rodger, the small child, is annoying, and so cliché! He is always drawing pictures of Beyla, which no one finds odd, and constantly whispers, “I’m scared, Mommy.”

But now, let’s talk about Tom. When the film began, he was a complete douche; he cheated on his wife, and he only cared about furthering his career. However, at the end of the film, he pushed aside his irritating mistress and left his career in order to save his family. Personally, I believe Tom deserves some credit for realizing how important his family is…until, you know, his own child kills him. (But that is what he gets for not realizing that his family has become involved with a psychopathic Viking Witch.)

Oh, did I forget to mention that Beyla is a Viking Witch? (And to be honest, I am not even going to explain the “Viking” theme because it was unexciting.)

I do not think Hish understands symbolism either. Instead of strategically placing crows in a few shots to showcase witchcraft and bad omens, Hish placed crows in almost every single scene. (Dude, this is severe overkill!) If you do, for some reason, watch this film, I dare you to count every single crow.

There is one particular scene which I wished would have been explained. In this scene, an elderly man is attempting to tell Tom and Rodger to leave town; however, he begins coughing up a black tarlike substance that hinders him from explaining why. Why did this happen? Is Beyla controlling him? What is the black tarlike substance? Why didn’t anyone else experience this horrific experience?

Another issue with Haunting of the Innocent was, of course, their special effects. In one scene, thousands of crows fly out of a nook in a tree, and you can definitely tell they are CGI. And the explosion scene was crappy, too. These two scenes actually made me laugh because they were poorly executed.

I also have an issue with the movie’s poster. On it, we can see an eerie angel and a scared little girl; however, these two things aren’t even in the actual movie. Why didn’t they show a frightened Rodger or a dying Viking? Hell, why didn’t they make the poster relevant?

I guess this movie was too focused on the sex scenes between Tom and Beyla and Brenda and Beyla to actually consider filling the plot holes or designing a better movie poster.

Haunting of the Innocent was incredibly frustrating and dull, and to be honest, not worth your time unless you want to see horrendous CGI and count crows until you become insane.

To watch the trailer, click here.


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