Jug Face (2013) Film Review

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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Jug Face, directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle, is the story of Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter), a teenager pregnant with her brother’s child, who attempts to escape her death which was destined by the Pit, a supernatural ditch of water that either heals or kills.

Dawai (Sean Bridgers), the Potter, has the unique ability to become possessed by the Pit; it guides his hand to sculpt the face of whoever the Pit wants sacrificed into its cool and muddy waters. Ada, though, is terrified when she discovers that it is her face that Dawai has sculpted, and she promptly hides the jug face in the woods. Yet this leads to complications because it angers the Pit, who begins slaughtering other members of the backwoods community.

The terrifying ditch of bloody water known as the Pit remains a constant mystery because we never truly learn what lurks beneath it. Is it a ghost? A demonic entity? A creature that thirsts for the blood of the innocent? Well whatever is hiding in the Pit is absolutely horrifying for it can strike at any moment.

Ada, a confused teenager, is a surprisingly strong protagonist. Instead of caving into her family’s demands, she attempts to rebel against them, and even tries to escape their terrible clutches. In their community, a woman is only supposed to birth babies; however, Ada believes there is more to life. She also goes against the Pit’s wishes; she doesn’t want to die, and she will do anything to save herself and her unborn child. It is rare to see a strong female protagonist in a horror film, so it was truly invigorating to see Ada trying to survive.

I had, though, hoped Dawai and Ada would become a couple. When they are both tied up near the Pit, Dawai whispers to Ada, “I love you.” It is an incredibly touching scene, and I began to cry. I kept hoping they would both escape. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Gosh, Jug Face is full of feels; it is an emotional roller coaster.

And yes, this movie does contain graphic and violent scenes. (If you are squeamish, Jug Face might not be the movie for you.) There is one scene of incest, a whipping scene, a miscarriage, a mother burning her daughter with a cigarette, and various throats that are slit. I repeat, if you are squeamish, you might want to avert your eyes.

Overall, Jug Face was an amazingly intense movie that will stay with you for a long time. It might even make you fearful of pottery and water-filled pits.

Rated R for bloody violence, language and brief sexuality.

To watch the trailer, click here.


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