Boo (2005) Film Review

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Horrendous Horror Movies
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Boo, directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, is about, of course, a group of teenagers that trespass into an abandoned hospital on Halloween. Instead of finding their “Halloween spirit,” they find a malicious spirit who is looking for a body to possess; with said body, this entity would be able to leave the hospital, which he deems his own personal Hell.

Our protagonist, Jessie (Trish Coren), is extremely resourceful and clever. Jessie, unlike other foolish horror movie characters, finds weapons, and attempts to defend herself from ghostly attacks. She also possesses the ability to converse with ghosts, and she is prone to having visions about the hospital’s history. All in all, I would definitely want Jessie on my team if I was stuck in a haunted hospital containing a ghost who is trying to kill me.

Boo also contains the following characters: Kevin (Jilan VanOver), the douchebag; Emmett (Happy Mahoney), the techie; Marie (Nicole Rayburn), the whore; Freddy (Josh Holt), the “Shaggy;” Allan (Michael Samluk), the wannabe cop; Dynamite Jones (Dig Wayne), the washed-up actor; and Duchess, the dog.

But don’t worry about these daft characters; one by one, the ghost (M. Steven Felty) tries to possess them. However, seeing as the ghost doesn’t quite know how the human body works, the bodies begin to slowly fall apart. Even though this sounds incredibly grotesque, it does lead into one of the funniest scenes of the movie.

The scene begins when Emmett, who has just been possessed, begins melting and dripping. Kevin, the comic douchebag, says, “Oh Jesus, Emmett, you’re dripping.” This part actually made me LOL, and I thought it was a great little line.

However, I must slice off a few points due to incredibly painful groaner lines. For instance, when Allan finds his sister, Meg, he says, “I don’t believe in ghosts.” Her reply? “Don’t worry, you will.” This line actually made me flinch in pain because it is too cheesy. Another groaner line is when Allan says, “You can’t always run away from your problems…they’ll come back to haunt you.” Ugh, this line is terrible. I mean, I absolutely adore puns, but this line was not needed.

And more points must be taken off because Allan, the wannabe cop, and Dynamite Jones, the washed-up actor, use way too many bullets for one villain. Instead of conserving their ammo, they shoot a possessed teenager about fifteen times, wasting all their ammo. I doubt Jessie would have been that careless had she been given a gun.

Yet Boo was incredibly creative, and the haunted hospital was designed beautifully. I wouldn’t want to get locked in there alone, and I certainly wouldn’t want something possessing me, making my fingers melt and fall off.

Boo was a decent horror movie; the plot kept me genuinely intrigued, and the characters had interesting personalities. As the movie progresses, you’ll notice it “just keeps getting better and better.”

Rated R for horror violence/gore and language.

To watch the trailer, click here.

  1. Good review. I’ll have to look into this and see it for myself.

  2. Definitely! Let me know how you enjoy Boo, and if you have any other horrific horror movie suggestions, please let me know!

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