Directed by Glenn Ciano, Inkubus (2011) is a “killer” horror film.

We begin at the Woodhaven Police Department, a “shit hole,” where Detective Caretti (Joey Fatone) is questioning Miles (Kevin DeCristofano), who supposedly killed his girlfriend, Jenny Garrison.

Yet an unknown man soon arrives, and when he arrives, everyone understands that he is the killer because he brings Garrison’s decapitated head. He is also under suspicion because he drives a blood-red van, which is packed full of bloody body parts.

After being interrogated, this man, known only as Inkubus, escapes. As he swirls around as black mist, he begins killing each team member because “it’s what [he] does.”

Inkubus was an absolutely brilliant villain; he was clever, mischievous, and had such a great voice. He was played by Robert Englund, who is famous for playing Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street. And like Freddy, Inkubus also used a “hand” weapon to scare and slaughter his victims.

Englund, in this role, is incredibly humorous; I couldn’t stop laughing! For instance, when one of the police officers asks Inkubus what his date of birth is, he replied, “When was Lucifer cast out of Heaven?” When Inkubus is asked about his address, he said, “All of creation.” Englund is witty and absolutely phenomenal!

And then we have Joey Fatone, who attempted to star as the main protagonist. Frankly, when I saw him, I burst out laughing because I thought, “Why is a member of N’ Sync in a horror movie?”  Fatone brings no flare, no pizazz, no nothing; all he does is yell and worry about his annoying “Girlfriend.” In fact, I would have preferred if he was “Gone” from Inkubus.

Throughout this movie, we are, for some odd reason, given this terrible back-story about Caretti’s pregnant wife, who dies while trying to give birth to a demon-child. These scenes seem incredibly forced, and to be honest, it doesn’t exactly make sense. Without these scenes, Inkubus would have greatly been enhanced.

You know another way Inkubus would have been better? I will tell you: instead of focusing on cuckoo Detective Caretti, who is locked away in an insane asylum, Inkubus should have just killed him. With Caretti going “Bye Bye Bye,” the audience wouldn’t have had to listen to his constant yelling and whimpering and banging his head on the wall for minutes at a time. I think we would have all felt a little more “closure” if that were the true ending.

Yes, I will admit it: Inkubus was a fantastic film. And remember: “Abra-fucking-cadabra.”

Rated R for horror violence/gore, language and some sexuality.

To watch the trailer, click here.


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